Victoria Square

We are very excited about our most recent work on flats which are located in Victoria Square.

Continuing our work on residential properties, we have been developing a new space into two new high quality x2 bedroom flats- due to be completed within the first few weeks of the new year. 

We are passionate about designing these flats to have a professional style, with brand new kitchens being fitted. The plans below show the layout of the new flats- although this a particularly difficult conversion we are incredibly excited to see the results. These will be let very quickly, so if you are interested in renting one of our lovely flats please stay updated by following the link below to find out the latest news on their development. 

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Here at Cher Varya we have been focusing our attention on creating high quality flats- you can read below about one of our latest projects.

Recently in Penzance we have been converting new one bedroom flats and are delighted that both have now been let.

The flats are located on one of Penzance’s most lively streets- being just a stones throw away from multiple restaurants, shops and even a cinema. Now that the flats have been converted, they are looking incredible after being redecorated and having a new set of stairs put in to make the flats more accessible.

We hope that the tenants are settled and happy in their new homes.

Jo Downs Glass

We are delighted to hear that one of our tenants ‘Jo Downs Glass’ has been working closely with RJ Working to create presentations for the ‘Ripple Effect’.

RJ Working offers support to Cornwall’s primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to introduce the ‘Ripple Effect’ Restorative Practice training programme. This is designed to help students and staff together to develop more ways of sharing responsibility and responding well to difficult and challenging situations.

The Princess Royal will be recognising ten schools who have introduced the ‘Ripple Effect’ training programme.

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